How To Diy Your Wire Magazine Holder?

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How To Diy Your Wire Magazine Holder?

By admin / Date May 31,2021

One thing I keep reading about organization is to never buy storage bins and organizers. These products only add to the problem because you are now just finding ways to store more stuff. I kind of agree with this but at times it is so nice to have everything that matches and be able to stack them on top of one another.

My bigger problem is bringing something into the household that I will have to deal with later when I don't need or want it anymore. This mentality has a lot to do with Marie Kondo. Her book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" was honestly life changing. I am very mindful of the things I bring into my home and life now. I am also ruthless when it comes to getting rid of things that have no purpose or doesn't bring me joy.

One evening, I was staring at the closet in my office. I don't really look at it much because it is (or has become) a dumping ground for supplies and craft projects (that sometimes die in there.) I decided it needed to be reorganized and I wanted to create: "A CRAFTER'S DREAM CLOSET." Big name but I just needed to get motivated. (Blog post on the dream closet later.)

I have a ton of office supplies because I need it and because I have a paper fetish. One thing I wanted were magazine holders. IKEA had them 5 for $2 or something but it meant GOING to IKEA and I wasn't prepared for that. Further, it was made out of paper. I had tons of resources around me. Surely, I could make a magazine holder myself. I thought about folding my own boxes then decided that is more work than necessary. I went into the pantry and grabbed a couple of cereal boxes and thought it was a perfect starting point.

Here are the steps to creating your own wire magazine holder.

1. Empty out the cereal, or wait until you finish the cereal. (I didn't want to wait. My partner did later ask why all the cereal are in bags on a pantry shelf. I didn't answer him because OBVIOUSLY I needed the boxes.)

2. Mark and cut out the desired size and shape of the magazine holder. I marked 6 inches from the bottom at the front, two inches in from the top, and connected the points to give the slanted look.

3. Optional: Wrap your new magazine holder in some fancy paper. I used some old wallpaper I had left over from a project nine (freaking) years ago. Why do I keep so much stuff?