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Knowledge of Buying Placemat

By admin / Date Sep 22,2021

A placemat is a cloth towel placed in front of the table during a meal. It is generally used in western food or banquets to protect and decorate. The placemat is also called mouth cloth. Placemat selection Placemats are available in various materials and fabrics. When purchasing, you can choose according to your own needs. 1. When choosing a cotton placemat, pay attention to the water absorption effect of the placemat. Generally, placemats with good water absorption have good results and are easy to clean. 2. When buying a placemat made of cotton and linen, the greater the extent that the placemat can be pulled, the better the quality of the placemat. You can try to pull the pad towel on site. 3. The bamboo placemat has a good heat insulation effect, which can avoid the damage caused by hot objects to the tabletop, so when purchasing, you can use hot water to test. 4. Paper placemats have better heat insulation. When purchasing, pay attention to the safety and environmental performance of paper materials.

Matching skills of placemats 1. The matching of placemats should be matched according to the color and style of the placemats. Most white dining tables can be matched with white placemats, which are simple, atmospheric, clean, and if there are fresh and natural patterns on the placemats. very nice. 2. According to the overall style of home decoration, if it is a European style decoration, it is best not to use traditional style placemats, which will give people a cluttered feeling. 3. When matching placemats, you can make a reasonable choice according to your own preferences. Placemats of different materials have different styles.

Cleaning and maintenance of the placemat 1. When cleaning the placemat, if it is not a white placemat, avoid using a bleaching agent for bleaching, so as to avoid fading. 2. In order to avoid obvious stains on the placemat and prevent the breeding of bacteria, the placemat should be cleaned regularly and disinfection should be done.

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