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Use Matching to Make Placemat Look Better

By admin / Date Oct 13,2021

Matching knowledge of placemat

1. According to the color of the table.

If the whole table is mostly white, then simply use the same white napkin. It is best to see fresh and natural flowers on the napkin. When choosing flowers, pay attention to the matching of the pattern. If it is a slender pattern, There is a noble temperament, which can complement the European style.

2. According to the style and characteristics of the home.

Although the traditional patterns are rich in colors and lively atmosphere, they conflict with the European style of furniture and make the dining table very messy.

3. According to the owner's decoration atmosphere and preferences.

For example, coasters, if natural materials are used instead of plastic materials, will give a natural atmosphere to the life of home dining. The grass and rattan placemats bring a tropical flavor. Hemp has the best texture, giving it a simple and elegant feeling.

Matching of placemats with other items

1. The matching of placemat and dining table. The existence of a placemat gives the desktop a flat composition with a square drawing. When choosing a placemat, you should consider the size and proportion of the dining table, and follow the principle of non-overlapping.

2. The matching size of placemat and tableware is based on the ratio of tabletop and tableware. After placing the food container, the principle is that the food container does not run out of the placemat. Rectangular placemats are placed on round dinner plates. Round placemats are best matched with round dinner plates. If round dinner plates are matched with square placemats, it depends on whether there is too much difference in proportion. White.

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